Bring breakthrough skin science to your practice

BIOJUVE™ is the first of its kind LIVING microbe technology for skin biome care, and by offering it at your practice, you’re helping your patients achieve their skin’s full potential.

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Why Become a BIOJUVE Provider?

Crown Aesthetics delivers proven aesthetic solutions for leading physician-directed practices around the world. We provide effective and safe products that grow your practice and protect your patients. 

  • Products you can trust, backed by the latest aesthetic technology
  • Industry-setting standard of education for you and your patients
  • Product exclusivity: only available to physician-directed practices
  • Dedicated customer service representatives
  • Physician Finder feature to help new patients reach you 24/7
  • Marketing Resources to help build your practice
  • Join the thousands of medical professionals who have experienced the Crown Aesthetics difference.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Because BIOJUVE is a new kind of science for skin health, you may have questions. Here are a few of the most common questions about BIOJUVE:

How quickly can I see results?


All endpoints measured in the BIOJUVE clinical study showed visible results in as little as one week with significant continuous improvement over 8 weeks.*

*Results may vary.

Are there any safety concerns associated with the BIOJUVE products?


No, there were no adverse reactions reported in the BIOJUVE clinical study.

Can you tell me about the preservative system in the BIOJUVE Living Biome Essentials Serum that contains the Xycrobe Technology?


There are no preservatives in the BIOJUVE Living Biome Essentials Serum.

Do the Xycrobes wash off when I cleanse my face?


One of the values of Xycrobes is that they live and thrive deep within the hair follicles. Though some Xycrobes that have not yet engrafted, or adhered, to the skin may wash away, others that have engrafted and live deep within the hair follicles will remain intact. In all cases, Xycrobes will replenish each night that the Living Biome Essentials Serum is placed on the skin.

Can patients continue to use other products with BIOJUVE?


All of our BIOJUVE products were specifically designed to be Xycrobe friendly, and the best results achieved when incorporating the entire regimen. However, if you choose to incorporate any product outside of the BIOJUVE line, we recommend using at least one of our daytime products to protect the Xycrobes from anything additional placed on the skin (i.e., other products, makeup, environmental factors, etc.) We cannot guarantee the same results as seen in our clinical study as all of our BIOJUVE products were formulated to be conducive to the Xycrobe health.

*Results may vary