Ready to show off your BIOJUVEresults?

We want to partner with you to show off your amazing BIOJUVE™ results! We would love to share your before and after images and testimonials in our social media posts and other direct to consumer marketing materials, while driving happy patients into YOUR practice.

Rinnova Skin & Body BIOJUVE Results After 6 Weeks

Here’s how to participate:

1. Complete the BIOJUVE™ Marketing & Advertising Release Form.

A completed form will include patient and practitioner signatures, length of use, a written testimonial, and all other portions of the form filled out.

Download the BIOJUVE Marketing and Advertising Release Form

 2. Send your set of approved before and after images with the completed release form to:


3. Once received, our team will respond accordingly with follow-up questions.

As a thank you for your participation we are excited to offer the below:

BIOJUVE Branded FIGS Scrub Top
BIOJUVE Branded FIGS Scrub Top

This is a limited time offer and available while supplies last. *Approved before and after photos means that Crown Aesthetics® receives the photos in a high-quality format along with the signed patient consent form and that our Medical Affairs team confirms there is visible improvement in the patient. ©2023 Crown Aesthetics.